Saturday, July 29, 2017

Back in the Studio

Inspired by the story behind the Carrie Welton Fountain in Waterbury I started a new piece.  Carrie Welton was a well-to-do woman who, among other things, donated a substantial amount of money to the Connecticut Humane Society in the late 1800's and also left money to have a statue built to honor her horse, Knight. The statue stands on the Waterbury green.

Up until now most of my work has been abstract rather than representational so this piece is definitely a detour into uncharted territory.

I began by printing out a small image of the statue that I found online.

I drew an image of a horse on fusible web and began placing fabrics for the body. After tacking the fabrics in place with a hot iron I cut out the horse.

Using different hand-dyed fabrics I experimented, auditioning for the background. It's fascinating how different shades and colors next to one  another can subdue or enhance another color.

I settled on a selection of cream, orange, red and blue, a combination which made me smile.
I have a friend who says she always sees movement in my work and elements of water and fire. She thinks it is because I am a water sign.  Yes, LOL,  he still needs a tail!

What elements do you are repeated in your work? I would love to know. Leave a comment if you like. And check back to see how this is progressing. 

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