Saturday, July 2, 2016

Healing Art of Pathology

I have been offline for a bit. Sorry about that. Unexpected happenings sometimes hit and we have to deal with them. Glad you are still checking on me my friend!
Work in Progress

Although I have not been blogging I have been making art. Here are three updates about my studio:

  • My fabric collage "Water Spout" is going to be the cover image for a book, The Healing Art of Pathology, to be published later this year by the American College of Pathologists.
  • Several other pieces were chosen for an online exhibit by Midwest Fiber Arts Trail  and Fiber Art Almanac. More details on this to follow. 

All the best,

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To Order: Moth at the Window: Poetry of Grover W. Clayton and Recollections of Indiana 

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