Friday, January 8, 2016

Simplify Your Studio (and Life) in 2016

My creative urges go in many different directions. Anyone who has sat beside me a quilting retreat knows this because I typically wheel in several large bins of fabric strips and blocks to play with over a weekend. I enjoy this devil-may-care, wildly productive approach, but this year I want to focus on simplifying. I want more quality than quantity in my artwork and life.

My DH and I spent New Year’s Eve at the very large home of friends who chose to upsize rather than downsize as their children left home. I don’t want to do that, EVER.

I want to create a smaller carbon footprint. I want to use what I have, donate to others what I cannot use, and live with the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle. To that end, on New Year’s Day I donated a trunk-load of clothes and shoes to a local thrift shop.  

By working on the MAED Project (Make Art Every Day) I am exploring (and discovering) just what I like to do and use in my art. I know I love vintage linens and wool, tags and ephemera of all types. Even so there are items I no longer have a use for. I will share those things with my art group over the next few months.
Candy Shop by Mary Lachman
All rights reserved. Copyright 2016.

And later this month I am going to a quilt retreat and my plan today is to just bring two projects. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Live a Splendid Creative Life

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