Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Make Art Every Day

I celebrated my birthday in November and set a new goal for 2016.

I want to make a 5" block of textile art every day for 365 days.

Art Every Day.

I decided if I want to play I need to show up each and every day.  I think the advice given to writers about a daily jotting of 750-1000 words, so many have said artists should do the same.

I will post photos of my work each week on Facebook and Instagram.

Maybe you would like to join me!


  1. Wow! You go, girl! I already do art every day, but I don't necessarily complete something every day. Is that your goal?

    1. Yes! I want to push myself to complete a small impromptu piece every day and see how my art evolves! Already I know that I like finished edges over raw edges.

  2. I knew I missed your birthday! I'm so sorry, it was in the middle of my crazy time (um, yeah, nevermind) Your goal is motivating me to make sure I do some creating every day too! (somehow I think you'll do better than I will....)

  3. I know you'll feel better each day you can do a little. Even 5 minutes a day adds up to 2.5 hrs at the end of a month!