Wednesday, December 16, 2015

5 Tips to Make Art Every Day - The MAED Project

In order to maximize the time you make art you need to have a dedicated space to create whether it is a table in the corner or an entire room. Here are some tips.
1   1. FIND SPACE - Whether you can choose a corner of the kitchen counter or a table in the basement for art the important thing is to find space and reserve it for your creative process. When my children grew out of the playroom I moved from a table in the basement to a room upstairs. Initially I lined the walls with any tables or chests that I could find for storage but gradually I have been able to replace most of those with prefab cabinets. I continue to use two 4’x8’ tables (on risers) for layout and cutting fabric.

      2. GET ORGANIZED - It is important to organize. Keep like with like. Sort your fabric, paints, brushes into bins or cans and place them where you can find them. Some people are ‘everything out’ folks who want to see everything at a glance, and others are ‘everything in’ people who would rather see a clean surface when they look around. I am a person in between those two camps. I like things out for my current project but like extraneous items put away. Periodically I have to just clean up.

      3.  LEAVE IT OUT – I find it easier to dash in and work for 5-10 minutes if my supplies and equipment are ready to go.

      4. BLOCK OFF TIME – Pull out the calendar or agenda pad and block off some time for you. Yes for you. You are always putting someone else first and every day you deserve a little time to work on you. By taking care of your needs you will be able to take care of others.

      5. BATCH TASKS – Are there similar basic steps to create your art? Do you need to gesso canvases or cut squares of batting? Think about how you work and break the larger tasks down into smaller bits. Then even if you can’t complete a big project in 10-15 minutes at least you can be prepared for the next time you have an hour free.

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