Sunday, September 6, 2015

Expanding Surface Design Skills with Carol R. Eaton

There is nothing better than spending time with a good friend and if you can play with fabric at the same time it is a huge bonus.  

Yesterday was one of those days.  I spent the morning playing with fabric paint, stencils and leaves in the studio of Carol R. Eaton. Here are few before and after photos.

BEFORE - Castoff linen waiting to be UPCYCLED!
I used a stencils for the map directions  and spots. The water-based fabric paint that dries to permanant color. The grids were created using wire ribbon and carpet padding.

BEFORE: Tie-dyed cotton from my stash that needed some umpf!

AFTER: You wouldn't guess it was the same fabric! The giant grape vine leaves (more than 8 inches) were used as stamps applying acrylic fabric paint to the reverse, more deeply veined side of the leaf, placed on the fabric and then pressed using a brayer. Additional colors were added using carpet padding and sponges as stamps.

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