Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday - Stitches and Knits

STITCHES                                      If you visit my studio you will see the scraps I keep. I love recycling and cannot bear to discard good lengths of fabric. The leftovers of strips of 2", 2 1/2" and 3" wide are kept in bins on a shelf. I sew smaller pieces into strip sets. 
These are sometimes put away in bins (for years!) until I decide on a project. 
Here are seven fabrics that I sewed together randomly. 

Then I used a Kaleido-Ruler to cut triangles. This ruler has easy to read marks that indicate what size setting triangles to cut from what width fabric to match your triangles.

In the photo above the marks to indicate the triangles from strips are on the left and marks for setting triangles from strips on the right

And this is my completed block.

On the knitting needles this month is a rose-toned mohair shawl. It is a variation on a pattern that I saw in Free-Spirit Shawls: 20 Eclectic Knits for Every Day by Lisa Shroyer.

The pattern starts with a big cast-on of around 240 stitches. I used a size 9 needle. I modified the lace pattern at the cast-on edge to one of my own liking.

Shaping for the shoulders is done with short-rows and wraps. I plan to use an i-cord bind-off to finish it and when I do I will post more pictures.

I have had the mohair (gift from a friend) for more than 2 years and finally decided to use it!  I only have one skein left.

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