Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Art by Routine

We all have routines. We wake up, drink coffee, eat breakfast, brush our teeth, and go to work. Any committed full-time artist will tout the necessity of making art every day, but what about those of us who still work another job?

I need to create art every day, and most days I do.  I definitely think about my art each day and it helps me to make ‘to do lists’. This is the list I made today (while on break at my day job):

Bake cookies for engagement party
Post baby quilt on Etsy
Create banners for party
Lay out 9-Patch quilt; if like then sew one row together
Update blogs

The list helps me orient myself when I get home from work. I am a morning person and I am at a much lower energy level  by mid-afternoon when I return from my day job. 

That said, my list helps me focus on what I want to, or need to, accomplish.  I admit I am lucky to have a spouse who is retired and is an amazing chef.

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