Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mixed Media Leaves at the Norfolk Library

I have been experimenting with fabric collage, inspired by articles in several old issues of Quilting Arts magazine.

For these, I started out with scraps of cotton batting, double-sided fusible, fabric, paper, acrylic paints, and matte medium.

I fused the cotton batting to one side of the non-woven fusible, then removed the paper from the other side of the fusible and added various strips and squares of fabric to cover all the tacky areas of exposed fusible. These were then fused in place.

I added a back to the batting and stitched the "sandwich" together using random grid lines. Then I cut out these oblong leaf shapes and ran a zigzag stitch around the edge. More dimension was added with additional layers of paint and paper.

The hooks are commercially made and can be found at your favorite arts and crafts store.

These and more of my mixed media art will be on display at the Norfolk Public Librarary in Norfolk, CT during May.

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