Monday, March 3, 2014

Serendipity Sweater - Work in Progress

Row by row I am still knitting a sweater that I started over a year ago. Last weekend I almost ripped it all out until I mentioned it to my hubby and he talked me down.

Honestly I am so close to finishing and only have a bit left to complete (collar, cuffs and extending lower border to balance out the top half). Isn't it funny that the light tan is also rather two-toned...LOL... I suppose that is what I get for buying yarn at a deli (read on). Perhaps by this next week I will have something to show for all the effort.

I call it the Serendipity Sweater because it started out as a way to use up some miscellaneous balls of wool and speciality fibers that were beginning to overflow the bin, but then I ran out of the main wool. Definitely a no-no for the experienced fiberholic. Still I must push on I thought, after all I had already put about 8 hours into the project. That's a whole workday at my day-job...and not to be wasted. And it was impossible to get more of that yarn since it was purchased at a little deli/hardware store while on break from skiing at Ascutney about 8 years ago.

So, what would you do? My solution was to go online and order several skeins of Ecological Wool in tones to coordinate...or at least I thought it would. You be the judge.

Check back to see my progress.

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