Saturday, March 22, 2014

Serendipity Sweater Complete

It took a little longer than I planned, but at last the Serendipity Sweater is finished. 

This is a top-down sweater that loosely based on the "Neckdown Pullover for Women" by Knitting Pure and Simple

I used two colors of Ecological Wool by Cascade Wools for the main sweater. This is a wonderful worsted weight wool that slips easily on either bamboo or metal needles. The golden embellishment was added with two novelty yarns from my remnant drawer. 

The sweater is knitted in the round. The benefit of this is that once completed there are no seams to sew together. The other advantage is that as you knit you can try the sweater on to determine what length is best. The ribbing around neck, base, and cuffs was added by picking up stitches, again with a circular needle and knitting (Knit 2, Purl 1, repeat).

If you know how to knit but have never tried a sweater it is time to give it a whirl. I love the freedom of creating my own unique piece of wearable art. 

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