Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to Make a Mitered Border using 3 Fabrics

Many of my early quilts featured flat strip borders that met at a 90 degree angle and often I would add borders one strip at a time to the finished quilt top. This was an effective, albeit utilitarian way to finish.

Since then I have learned to sew border strips together lengthwise first, then attach them to the quilt top using mitered corners. The result is crisp and tidy. This is the border I put on the RWB quilt in my previous post. I think you might like the result.


  1. Gather 3 fabric strips (I suggest you use three 2" x 30" strips of three different fabrics and a 12"-18" square of scrap fabric to practice and gain confidence with the technique before trying this on your next quilt).
  2. Sew the three 2" strips together lengthwise. 
  3. Cut 30" length into two 15" segments.
  4. Press the seams to the center fabric strip on one 15" segment, and away from the center fabric on the other 15"segment 
  5. Sew the 15" segments onto adjoining sides of your 12"-18" practice square. Do not sew all the way to the corner, leave about 1/4" free at end where the strips meet.
  6. Fold one strip back at 45 degree angle. See photo below.
  7. Fold second strip back at 45 degree angle to match. Make sure the seams of border strips are pressed in opposite directions so the strips nest. Press.
  8. Carefully turn over, pin strips together.
  9.  Sew on folded mark from outer edge to inner corner.
  10. Open and admire your handiwork. Trim seam.
  11. Repeat these steps on other corners of quilt top.

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10



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