Friday, January 18, 2013

Quilt Envy

Eight years ago, when a friend gave birth to her second child,  I presented her with a handmaded scrappy baby quilt. She adored it and so did her son. For years since she has repeatedly told me how much she and Alex enjoy looking at the colors and patterns.

Interestingly Alex has become a very artistic boy who is always drawing and painting pictures. Recently his mom asked me to stop by for tea and cake.  I  took along a few quilts to share with her and Alex. Alex showed me his paintings and gave me a tour of his bedroom, which he shares with his brother, Joe. There at the end of Alex's bed was the baby quilt I had presented him with 8 year ago---a little faded, but clearly loved.

It was clear to me Alex needed another quilt, a bigger one, now that he was a big boy, and I thought I had the perfect one at home that I finished last November. I told my friend of my plan and if it would be ok to give Alex a quilt, but not Joe. She assured me that it would be fine.

So, a few days later I presented her with a scrappy flannel quilt made from 4 1/2 inch squares. Here is a picture of Alex curled up on top of his new quilt!

Alex's Quilt
But sometimes one is not enough!

Alex's older brother, Joe (10 years old) was mesmerized by the new quilt on his brother's bed (too his mother's surprise) and it just happened that I had another recently flannel quilt in the closet. Just the trick for a belated birthday present!

Joe's Quilt

Check back to the blog in the next week or so and I will share my patterns for both of these quilts.

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  1. What a special friend you are... the boys will cherish the quilts for years to come!