Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fondly Remembering Textiles

Have you ever considered what are your earliest memories of a favorite textile? I began thinking about this after a prompt from an online class that I am taking.

As a kid, one of my favorite fabric items was my bedspread. I know that might seem odd, but it was soft and textured, likely years old even when I was only 5. It was a nubby creamy cotton onto which were horizontal, machine stitched designs that created shapes in colored threads. I would trace the shapes over and over. Maybe I even traced them to fall asleep at night, this I don't really remember.

The designs includes a stylized "X", a person with hands raised in the air, and something else that was less well defined. I never knew if it a dragon or dinosaur or what it was. Looking at it now I think it might be a person in a yoga pose. What do you think?

Oddly enough, when I had the task of sorting through the farmstead after Mother died (it will be 10 years ago in a few weeks) I saved this bedspread. It is threadbare in some spots. It is patched in others. I know that patches to be sewn with my mother's carefully stitches. It survives folded in the closet of my studio. And every now and again a pull it off the shelf to trace the designs with my index finger.

What fabric item have you held onto from childhood?  Can you explain why or is it just something that you had to save?  I would love to have you share your thoughts.

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